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whereyougonnabe release October 2008

October 11, 2008 – 7:55 pm by Peter Batty

This week we added quite a number of new capabilities to whereyougonnabe. First I should probably mention our improved help documentation, which explains how to get the most out of whereyougonnabe. Please check it out!

We have added an RSS feed capability, which lets you easily view data from whereyougonnabe from outside the application, for example in web home pages like My Yahoo or iGoogle. The following is an example:

whereyougonnabe RSS feed

You can click through on any element to see more details in whereyougonnabe:

whereyougonnabe RSS feed clickthrough to map

We now use similar external links which take you directly to a given activity in various places where you see data outside whereyougonnabe, including Facebook status and newsfeeds, Twitter messages, and iCal feeds. People will only be able to see the details if they are authorized to do so (i.e. typically if they are your friend on Facebook).

For the geo-techies amongst you, the RSS feed is actually a GeoRSS feed, so you can display elements on a map in software which supports GeoRSS, such as Google Maps (just copy the feed URL into the search box):

whereyougonnabe GeoRSS feed

You can now automatically update Fire Eagle with your location from whereyougonnabe - this is a service from Yahoo which lets you share your location between different applications. This is easy to set up.

One of the most useful aspects of whereyougonnabe is the ability to automatically import data about activities from other systems, including calendar software such as Outlook or Google Calendar, or travel itineraries from Tripit. Check out our synchronization overview if you’re not already using these capabilities. In the latest release we have added a “Sync” button at the top right, which runs sync on demand and displays information about what the system is doing, which is helpful to verify that everything is working as expected, or to diagnose problems if it is not. Sync also runs behind the scenes every night and whenever you log in to whereyougonnabe.

We now support the ability to send an SMS message to friends from within whereyougonnabe, if they have authorized this on their settings page. And we have enhanced our support for the Facebook newsfeed, so you friends can see more information when you create activities in whereyougonnabe.

We have improved the way that we search for businesses when you create activities, and made several improvements to WYTV.

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