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whereyougonnabe July 2008 release

July 14, 2008 – 6:17 am by Peter Batty

We are pleased to announce a major upgrade to whereyougonnabe. A quick way to get an overview of our new features is to watch this short video:

whereyougonnabe July 2008 release overview from Peter Batty on Vimeo.

A major focus for this release has been on integration with other systems, especially on the ability to import activities. We can import activities from the following systems:

  • Tripit, a great site for managing travel itineraries. The best feature of this is that you can just forward your email travel itinerary to, and then all your travel details, including all the airports you will be at, will automatically appear in whereyougonnabe.
  • Google calendar – just make sure you have a valid address in the “Location” field for an activity, and add the text “wygb” somewhere in the title or description, and we will bring that event into whereyougonnabe. You can sync with Google Calendar from other major calendar systems including Outlook (see here).
  • Dopplr, a site focused on future plans for frequent travelers. All your dopplr trips will automatically appear in whereyougonnabe also.

These capabilities are a big step in making it easier to get data into whereyougonnabe, though they are just a beginning. We have lots of ideas for expanding them, but would love to hear from you about your ideas, and about any issues you have using these new features. You set up all these connections on the Settings page – we have brief instructions there, and you can check out our step by step videos

We also have new ways to share information from whereyougonnabe. First, you can view all your whereyougonnabe activities, including information on the friends you will be close to, in your regular calendar program, via an iCal feed. You can find this in the settings page also. Secondly, you have the option of updating your status in Facebook automatically when an activity begins and ends – we will reset the status to what it was before the activity started. And thirdly, you can send a message to Twitter when an activity begins.

We have also made extensive changes to the way we determine interactions with your friends, and how we decide what to notify you about. In general, you will see some more information about interactions close to home than you did before, and we now handle overlapping interactions very robustly. We have recalculated interactions using the new approach, so you will probably receive a second email from us tonight only saying that you have new interactions, some of which you may have seen before.

There are a variety of other fixes and enhancements in various areas of the application.

As always, let us know if you have feedback on any aspects of the system in our forums. In our next release, a major theme will be improvements to the usability of the system – we have a lot of ideas and plans that we are excited about in this area.

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